Hokkaido Asahikawa · Biei Travel Book in 2016 ~ Episode I, Phantom Aoba

writer / Nyanku

The other day (September 2016), I have been traveling to Asahikawa · Biei.

For some reason, we have been in Hokkaido for 4 or 3 consecutive years.

It is middle of September, but Asahikawa was chilly (^ ^;)
After we arrived at Asahikawa Airport, we rented a car and went to Asahiyama Zoo!

… ….

I have uploaded the article of the zoo at a later date because the image has not been taken in yet!

First of all, I will post the impression of Asahikawa Ramen Village that I went thereafter (^ _ ^)




I was wondering which ramen I was going to eat,
To Nyanko who was accompanying,
“Aoba is famous.”

I was taught, I decided to enter Asahikawa Ramen Aoba.
Normally, I was taught to Mr. Nyanko who does not eat so much ramen, it was confusing. .



Because I was eating salt Zangi and curry rice at the zoo, I was not so hungry yet so I ordered soy sauce ramen mini.

It’s about five minutes to wait. . .



Noodle is chili steamed noodles.
I tried drinking soup.

good! ! ! ! !

This is the taste I was looking for!

I was steadily eaten.
I wish I had not made it a mini. . .
It was such feeling.

(At this point, Nyanko is away from me and is walking around.
As you will see later, Ms. Nyanko discovered a nearby cat cafe and no one was entering the store, so I was excited that it was in a state of lending.

But then, at that time, Mr. Nyanko did not enter the store, the visitor came trying to enter later and the inside of the store was narrow, so there were only about 4 cats, so they did not enter the store after all. Nyanko is going to regret it.

However, at this point, I could not imagine Nyanko being such a thing. However, only the desire to tell the taste of Ramen Aoba to Nyanko was getting bigger. )






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