“moukotanmen-nakamoto” – Riru’s Ramen Information


It is Riru’s ramen information.

I will introduce “moukotanmen-nakamoto” this time.



I think that it was between 800 and 850 yen in price

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto is a popular ramen as it is being sold in cup noodles.

The menu name is Mauco Tanmen, the name of the shop, which is most popular, but it is painful enough so it is safe to order this when you go first.

There are Miso Tanmen for those who are not good at other pain, but I will not recommend it because it is not hot spicy miso noodles.

On the contrary, there is also a red red spicy tanmen called Arctic Tanmen, but because it is for maniacs, I can not recommend it at first.
Soup is based on miso, noodles are chili steamed noodles, vegetables and fried pork on it, more spicy food.

Regarding taste, it is painful!

Language other than the word does not come out easily.

It is hot and honest I do not know how good Miso is or how hard it is (haha).

Effective when it wants to warm your body like winter!
Incidentally, although there is popularity here, when you look inside, there are many repeaters who like spicy things, the so-called ramen Jiro ‘s giro –

So, even in the midsummer, there are also strong people who eat Arctic Tanmen in the store.

To summarize, I like to hurt, I am at ease in pain! It is an irresistible item for the person who says it, but it is a feeling that it is not the taste that everyone receives.


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