“Retirement of Idle”Mado Yamashiro

Retirement of Idle
Mado Yamashiro
“As you are an idol, they have played the role of boyfriend in many women’s brains and have given them excitement, pleasure and even happiness, so I will give you a reward for such you today.”
Someone shiny shining from the refrigerator in the room tells Naruse Sayya that. A middle-aged man wearing a white cloth that makes the ancient Greek daughter … … Is this it? God … ….? With Sayya thinking with eyes blinking while thinking,
Like someone told me, “I do not know” I do not understand … “” Someone said. “Hmm, I do not yet know the things of the lower world.It is imagined by someone that produced the feeling of happiness to some extent mainly in the image, when the total number of them exceeds 100 million, it gains tremendous power To be able to do ”
“Extraordinary force?”
“That’s it”
“Before that” Sayya queries its identity to a dazzling being, who is afraid of eyes. “Who are you, maybe … ….”
“Yes, exactly, I am an absolutely inviolable existence that has all authority and can easily manipulate the destiny of people …”
“After all, you are …”
“Yes, it is the boss.”
“Even the section chief will not be able to raise my head because I know more than anyone where the furniture is, I will not be able to raise my head to make it a manager, I do not like the director who has moved from outside I can give the process that we do not host a welcome party anyway, let alone new entrants and irregular employees make me feel strange with my feelings So yeah, no one can oppose me That existence with such absolute authority … that is the leader. ”
“Did not God ……” Sayya drops a shoulder.
“It is not said that it is not God,” the chief says.
“Huh? Is it God?”
“I will give you a reward anyway, whether it is God or not”
“Reward?” Sayya asks without so much expectation.
“Let’s make you the chief … … what is disappointed, you can become the chief … No, it is already becoming”
“Is it going to be?”
“Yes, I am included in the air in this room”
“The air in this room is made up of 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 2% chief.Although 10 minutes have passed since you entered this room, you should have sucked the boss a long time and suck When the amount of chief exceeds 200 shunin, the cells of the whole body replace that of the chief, do you understand? ”
“I do not know 1 mm”
“If you say flatly, you have already taken a lethal dosage …… the chief bachelor’s chief, you are the leader.”
“I am … … the leader?”
With Sayya shining his head aside, the chief of the eyes laughed and smiled and went back into the refrigerator. “After that it’s a matter of time, as you will be totally a complete boss tomorrow,” he said.
The next day, the godly shining boss, the daughter cries in front of the television. Nakase Sayya ‘s retirement in the entertainment industry of the idol group “Great Skin / Phillies” is reported on TV.
“According to his comments, the reason for retirement is” I thought that we wanted to take a new stage in order to go up ahead, and that timing is now only the one who has become the leader About the future activities “It is totally separate from the entertainment activities and I am planning to do as chief”
My boss’s girl mourns while weeping and crying.
“Why will you withdraw from Sayya, you have been fans for a long time, and the boss of the other person does not know what it means, what chief is he?”
The shining boss speaks and tells her daughter.
“Well, whatever it is to become the boss until abandoning the position of idle anything, the boss is better than the idol, and the father has been the boss for ten years now. Did you understand? “

We will introduce the author


Mado Yamashiro

In 1978, Yamashiro was born in Osaka. Yamashiro is a man.

The 41st Bungei award Final Candidate

In his novel work, there are “Mirror Pain Friend” and “Degenerate” Habae san “.







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