The synonym of Ogikubo Ramen “Harukiya” – Riru’s Ramen Information

It is Riru’s ramen information.

I will introduce Ogikubo ramen this time.

Shop name Harukiya



Besides, there are Ogikubo (head office) and Kichijoji store.

Price 850 yen

Ogikubo ramen is what we call so-called Chinese soba, which features a typical appearance that puts chill noodles, shinchiku and chashued in soy sauce soup.
The shop Harukiya introduced this time is a famous shop that can be said as a synonym of Ogikubo ramen.

I think that the soup is probably taking the mushrooms and the birds from the birds, but the taste is Japanese style and has no habit.

However, as for soy sauce, the taste is slightly thick and oil is well contained, so it tastes like Kotteriri as a whole. Regarding noodles, it is chili sauce of ordinary thickness.

It is an ordinary ramen with no impact like the Tora-dog Tenkemen or Mongolia Tanmen introduced so far, but I thought that I was the best in the soy sauce ramen I ate in Tokyo. The shopkeeper ‘s efforts to bring out the taste so far without impact will be immeasurable … I was delighted to have such a delicious (laugh).

Anyhow, it is easy to eat with no habit, so it is better to eat once!


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